Thinking about Moving to WordPress?

Have you been thinking about moving your blog to WordPress, but feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the technical side of the process?

Would you like some help?

When I moved this blog to WordPress I decided to do it myself without any assistance.  I’m pretty technical and a good problem solver.  ” How hard could it be?!” I thought.  After all I’m Googling my way through Motherhood, so why shouldn’t I Google my way through a blog transfer.

Unfortunately, there was one big problem with my strategy:  I didn’t know what questions to ask, and I didn’t really understand the answers when I read them.

Needless to say, I made major of MISTAKES that meant lost followers and page rank, spent HOURS searching the internet to understand where I went wrong, and gave myself several heart- dropping moments of pure PANIC that I had messed it all up.

I learned the hard way, but you don’t have to.

I’ve now worked with over 100 bloggers helping them move from Blogger to WordPress.  I know the entire process back and forth, inside and out.  In fact, I know it so well, I’ve written a book about it!

If you would like help moving your blog to WordPress, review the services I offer and then fill out a project questionnaire. I’ll be in touch!


Need more information? Take a look at these links to see if they answer your questions:

  • Technical Support beyond the transfer (or, help for hire if you already have hosting)