Why I Blog on WordPress

Blogger vs. WordPress… Why do I blog on WordPress? Here are some of the advantages that come to mind…

1). SEO – WordPress does a great job “behind the scenes” helping search engines to find your blog. For example, if someone entered “good true beautiful” into Google when I was publishing on Blogger, this blog came up about half way down the list. Now that I’m publishing on WordPress, this blog is first on the list. Try it, you’ll see. Snazzy, huh? The content is exactly the same, but search engines find my blog better on WordPress. That’s very important.

2). CONTROL – I own my blog completely. I own the domain name and I own the corner of the internet that is hosted on. And while it costs me a little bit, I like the fact that I have autonomy. If Blogger wigs out, or their robot decides my blog is spam (it’s happening – check out this post), or decides to stop working with Internet Explorer… I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

3). CUSTOMIZATION – I LOVE the Plugins which allow you to make your blog do extra things – like SPAM blocking and blog backups and comment replying just to name a few… Blogger doesn’t allow you to make any modifications like that.

4). THESIS – I am in love with the Thesis theme and if you took it away from me, I would cry. The ease of blog customizations is incredible (Change the columns in one click? Add a sidebar? Move a sidebar? Navigation Bar in two minutes? Be still my heart.). I recommend it highly — I can honestly say that the $87 I spent on it was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

5). SUPPORT – WordPress has EXCELLENT support – in fact they are famous for it, and based on my experience I can see why. You also have the added support of your hosting company to answer hosting questions (I highly recommend Dreamhost). There is no comparison with this and what I experienced with Blogger’s support forums, where I was consistently disappointed. (I would give Blogger’s official support a D minus; and that would be generous). Everything I learned about Blogger I had to hunt down and find on my own. And that was frustrating to me.

6). RECOMMENDATIONS – It seemed like every blogger I “spoke” with was recommending the move and their advice said “sooner rather than later.” Invariably, moving to WordPress is going to cause some disruption and it’s better to do that earlier in the life of your blog… And there’s no time like the present!

7). UNIVERSAL: If you are outside of North America, or you have readers outside of North America, Blogger might not be accessible to them. For example, China has put severe restrictions on access to Blogger… In that case, WordPress is the way to go!

If you are ready to move to WordPress, I would be glad to help — I have a great offer that you won’t want to miss!

You can also read the about the disadvantages of moving to WordPress and questions you should ask if you aren’t sure it’s the right move for you