He’s Six


The birds are singing a joyful song, welcoming Spring on the first day of April. Trees laden with robins flaunting their red breasts busily pecking and twittering like girl friends over coffee.

Daffodils blooming, grass greening, trees budding.



And behind the cacophony of birds is another chime, equally rhythmic, melodious and persistent.

Chim Chim, Chim Chim, Chim Chim.


Our boy racing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  I watch him and see the delight of this new, fresh, delightful season etched upon his face.

I wonder where he is, who he is, where his imagination will take him on this new and perfect day.

I wonder how it is possible that my small baby is riding a new bike with wheels stretching 20 inches from the ground.

“Mom?! Can we go to see the Nile?”

“Not today sweetheart, but maybe some day.”

“I just really want to see Ancient Egypt.”


Back to the bike.  Chim Chim, Chim Chim, Chim rings his bell, heralding the adventures awaiting him in the alley behind our house.

Mud Splatters.

Birds Singing.

Our Boy is six.

Life is Good.

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