When I was Rich

middle schoolIn the summer between my seventh and eighth grade year I had my first “real” job. Three times a week my mom would drop me off at neighbor’s house and for the next eight hours I was the caregiver for two preschool aged children.

Today, as a mom myself, I can’t imagine trusting my children to the care of a thirteen year old with no practical experience outside of the church nursery, but I guess we were all more innocent in the eighties… certainly more naive.

For each of those three days I would be responsible for nap times, lunches, diaper changes and entertainment. I’m sure I was at least competent, but I don’t remember much about the experience.  For some reason, I have linked Disney’s version of Robin Hood and lots of Masterpiece Theater to that job, so I suspect that we watched an awful lot of videos. Other than the VHS invasion, the only other thing I remember about that summer is how RICH I thought I was.  You see, I was earning $3 an hour and I sincerely thought, “Why is there an unemployment problem?!  People should just BABYSIT.”

$72 a week. White denim jacket. Robin Hood.  That was the good life baby.


  1. Sharon L says

    How funny that you say that!! We were just talking about how different things were in the 8p’s, and in a way much, much better. It seemed like their was a higher level of respect for one another, morality was alive and well, and folks loved and showed their love for God.

  2. says

    Haha, YES!! I started babysitting in junior high and cannot even imagine hiring someone that young to watch my kids. I spent the summer I was 15 helping to care for newborn triplets – spending nights even. Earned enough $ to pay for 1/2 the cost of an antique baby grand piano! The good life, indeed.

  3. says

    I was just explaining to our 13 year old, who seriously thinks his first car will be a Chevy truck that is $50,000, how little I made at my first job. We made $4.25 an hour back then. My paychecks, once I was full time, were less than $400 for two weeks.

    At minimum wage now it would take him until he is 26 to save up for half of that truck… that gave him perspective.

    And who knew they made trucks that cost $50k????

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