Notes to Self


  • When you accidentally make a pot of coffee using decaf it doesn’t have quite the same “seize the day” effect as the good stuff.
  • When you are collecting the dirty laundry be sure to check that you haven’t picked up a diaper too.  Those little diaper crystals are a pain in the arse to clean out of the washing machine.
  • In order to avoid a panicked call to Poison Control be sure to secure the cover on the children’s Tylenol extra well.  It would be very scary to see your two year old chugging that bottle of pink stuff as you are getting the kids ready for nap time.
  • If you are going to visit your parents during the week of the three biggest snow storms, you may want to bring your coat. And socks.  And mittens certainly wouldn’t hurt.
  • PhotoShop does not have the power to undo your bad fashion choices of 1982. Improve lighting?  Yes.  Remove plaid flannel beret?  No.

Darn it.


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