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    Sharon, It is great to see you post again! Miss reading your writings. How did the adoption go? Your boy is having such a great time!

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      Hi Jenny!! No news on the adoption yet – we’re still waiting. It’s hard to be patient, but we know that God’s timing is perfect. Could be any day now though!

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    It just doesn’t get any better than this. I have 2 sons…grown now….I think I loved 5 and 9 years old the most…maybe. Savor the moment!

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    Sharon, I’m GLAD to see two posts this week! I’ve missed your sweet pictures. I see you’ve been busy with your blog conversions . . . has this become more full-time?

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      thanks Tracy! I’ve missed it too.

      My Blog Design work and WP transfers have taken a huge upswing – it’s been GREAT but time consuming too. But I really enjoy it :-) I’m amazed at what you can learn by Googling!

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    Oh, my. That combination would surely steal any mama’s heart. I know it’s worked with my three boys. What an incredible priviledge to be the mama of a boy…

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