Hey There!

Well Long Time, No Talk!

Or write.

Or type.

Not quite sure what happened to February, or even March for that matter.  Seems like I blinked and it’s almost April.

Lots of good things.  So much to fill you in on.   So many posts rumbling around in my head.

My little man turns three this week.

And proof that miracles still happen, his birthday cake actually looked like a train. Instead of a blob of icing.

Adoption Update: Our new baby isn’t here yet. But might be tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or maybe July.

Hurry up and wait.  Wait and then hurry up.  It’s that whole patience thing.

It’s good.  All good.  Busy.  But good.


Oh yeah…  I wrote a book.  It’s almost ready for prime time.  Let me know if you want to take it for a test drive.


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  1. says

    Hey there! I was hoping you would resurface in blog world soon. Sounds like you have been super busy. Looking forward to hearing more. That cake for your little guy is so cute!

    I’ve been considering a move to wordpress. Not sure if I’m ready quite yet. Your book sounds fantastic. Could you tell me a little bit about what kind of costs would be involved. Do I have to purchase a theme? (I’m pretty clueless) I don’t want to get your book without being sure I could make the commitment.

    • says

      Hi Jamie! So FUN to hear from you!

      The biggest expense in moving to WordPress is hosting which costs ~$10 a month. I included a promo code in the eBook for DreamHost (the company I use). You don’t HAVE to buy a theme… there are many good freebies out there. I recommend using Thesis because i find it really easy to customize, but it’s not essential.

      There is no downside to previewing my book — it might help you understand the process a little bit better and get a sense of the scope of it. And I’m always glad to help walk you through it if you want to give it a whirl! :-)

      (the cake was SUPER DUPER EASY to make. It came out really cute. I was amazed!)

  2. says

    So good to see you pop up in the reader!!! I love your son’s train cake. It really turned out well.

    I hope the baby comes soon, and congrats on that e-book. Based on what I know of you, I am certain that it’s a very, very well done book!

  3. says

    Heyyyyyyyyy…welcome back! I’ve missed you! You are one.busy.lady! Happy Birthday to your little guy! Can’t believe he’s already three and that I’ve been following you since he was a littler, little guy! Have been thinking about you so much and wondering about the adoption, when it will be, what it will be…can only imagine the excitement building and building and building for you.
    Hope you stay around for a while here in blog world.
    Peace and blessings.

    • says

      thanks Jeanine! I have missed everyone! Funny how you can have so many friends who you’ve never met, huh?!

      We’re really excited about the new baby… just have to wait for God’s perfect timing!

  4. says

    So ticked to see you as an author. So impressed!!!

    Nice to see your name come up and hear the latest news of you and yours.

  5. says

    Missed you! I thought maybe something was wrong..

    Glad all is good! Welcome back and congrats on the book. Love the train cake…that’s out of my league!

    • says

      thanks Katie!

      The cake train was super duper easy. I’m VERY MUCH not good that that stuff. So you know it had to be easy if it came out good! I found the recipe on Parenting.com and it’s chock full of junk food. The kids LOVED it.

  6. says

    Nice to see you back! I just mentioned in a post yesterday how I cannot believe my daughter turns three in just two months! Seriously, where have these precious first years gone?? Happy Birthday to your adorable son!

  7. says

    YAY! So glad to see you back… I was wondering what was going on in your life.
    The cake for your little guy is super cute. Waiting on pins and needles to hear more about your adoption.

    I wanted to tell you we have our own good news! I’m finally expecting!!! Baby due late Sept. I just announced it on my blog a couple of weeks ago.

    Take Care!

    • says

      YIPEE!! YAHOO! Praise God! That is awesome Sarah! What a great and happy reason to celebrate. SO COOL!! You go Girl!

  8. says

    You don’t know me, but I like to follow your blog. I like your humor & style…and watching the exciting things you are doing with blogs & other creative outlets. It’s good to see something new! Best of luck on the new book.

    • says

      Thanks Sharon! It’s great to “meet you” – I’m glad you said hello! I’ve missed this little community of friends here in the blogosphere… I didn’t realize how much!

  9. says

    Adoption is every bit of the pain of laboring and patience of waiting and wishing that today will be the day as if you were in a full term pregnancy…because you are :).

    Peace be with you and yours as you wait!

  10. says

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re back! That cake is impressive. I’m sure Little Man loved it. Happy birthday to him (and congrats on your anniversary of becoming a mama).

  11. says

    We adopted a baby almost 2 years ago, after having our first daughter biologically. Best decision we ever made.

    The waiting is the hardest part. But once we got the call, it was only FOUR HOURS until we met our daughter (blog name Pumpkin). Hang in there!

    • says

      That is SO COOL! We are waiting as patiently as we can (not my strong point :-)). We feel so excited to meet our new addition, and grateful for the chance to be parents again.

      Thanks for your encouraging words!!