My Guy


Ten things I like about Nature Boy…

1. He works hard to provide for our family in a job that is important but sometimes thankless. And he only complains about it once in a while.

2. He notices the little details that I often miss.

3. He knows the names of all the birds that frequent our bird feeder and he doesn’t laugh at me when I keep forgetting.

4. He gives really good hugs.

5. He dries the dishes.

6. He asks for my opinion about things that are important to him.

7. Every morning, when I wake up at the crack of dawn (not) there is pot of hot coffee waiting for me.

8. He likes my cooking.

9. He’s a really great and committed Dad.

10. He thinks I’m pretty (even when I wake up and my hair is all wonky and messy and pretty is the furthest thing from the truth)

Happy Birthday Babe… I’m glad you’re MY guy!

Good, True & Beautiful


  1. says

    Happy Birthday, Nature Boy!

    Although I love everything on this list, I really like #5,6,7, and 10. I think you both got pretty lucky.

    I, too, think that picture is pretty fantastic. You guys look like you actually like each other!

  2. says

    Love it. It’s always refreshing to hear people saying positive things about their spouse in this era when it seems like it is the “in” to bash your spouse.

  3. says

    I realized I forgot to comment… Oops! Must be because I was having to much fun on vacation… :o)

    Happy Birthday to Nature Boy! And I, too, love that picture of you two.

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