Two Hours

In a wonderful, exciting, amazing way, I’ve been really busy lately…

My little entrepreneurial adventure into WordPress support and design has been growing by leaps and bounds.  I’m writing an e-book about moving blogs to WordPress.  And I’m teaching myself some new Adobe programs that my parents generously gave me (Flash!  Squeee!)

It’s incredible.

I’m loving it.

It consumes almost all my non-mommy time.

But not today.

Today, for some reason, today I just didn’t feel like it.  My brain was tired, my biceps were sore (thanks P90X), and my motivation was low.

So instead of being the diligent, accountable, hard working entrepreneur,  I watched a movie during the Little Man’s nap time.

I sat down on the couch and watched Harry Potter #1. And I loved every minute of it.

I should have felt totally guilty and like a lazy bum who needs to be folding the laundry instead of watching a movie.  But I didn’t…  I just sat there and cheered on Harry, Ron and Hermoine (you go girl!).

It was wonderful.

Playing hooky for two hours…  I highly recommend it!

Baby Photos Sharon 077

(my Senior Year in High School the last time I played hooky – sorry Mom)

Good, True & Beautiful


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    We all need some relax time now and again.
    My dirty little secret, today I slept in past noon. It was snowing, my kids ages 13 and 7 were playing and watching tv. It was bliss (in high school I could have slept in daily if allowed.) When I got up I made them lunch, we did school work, some chores, made a light dinner (salad and grill cheese) and then we baked chocolate cake, oatmeal cookies, and cornbread from scratch (even grinding the grains.) So even though I slept in we had a good day. I just put my youngest to bed and now to tackle the 7 loads of clean, unfolded laudry.

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    Yay for playing hooky! There are those days when it is most needed! And watching a grown-up movie in the middle of the day?! Who knew you could do that?

    Felicidades (as we messi-cans say) on your WordPress success. I’m glad you’re having so much success with it. What a blessing!

  3. says

    I think that you totally a deserve a break!

    And I’m being a little selfish because I want your brain nice & rested for when March rolls around & you switch my blog over!!!! ;)

    I’m glad you enjoyed your movie!

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    Hello again!
    I took a wrong turn a few months back and got caught trying to do a hundred different things at the same time.

    Multi-tasking on caffeine you could say.

    It didn’t turn out well.

    So, i did what you did, sat back and relaxed.

    In my blog wanderings this morning i came upon you again…and remembered i have forgotten to post on ‘Just for the Joy of it’ Thursdays!

    See you tomorrow!

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