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    Good one! I’ve been debating whether to post a “funny” that has nothing to do with Jesus’ birth or if I ought to stick with lofty, spiritual, and meaningful. Yours conquered both requirements of funny and meaningful!

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    Thanks for finding this and passing it on. Quite an expose on our digitally driven lives today. Huge CHIRSTmas blessings to you and the Good, True and Beautiful clan.
    Mike in STL (aka, your male client)

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    I LAUGHED THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH! Thanks for sharing this with us. And no matter how the message gets relayed, it’s still the same. The miracle of “Immanuel”. “God with us”. Mind-blowing!!!

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    I think this is so funny, hysterical, giggle-inducing, and any other synonym you can fit in there! No matter how you tell it, it’s the same powerful message. Thanks for sharing a laugh with us.

    Wanted to let you know that I linked back to you today. I posted two posts, it’s the first of the two. Thanks for your inspiration, friend! It was worth the charred fingertips.

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