For our Feathered Friends

I’ve been sharing all week about the simple, beautiful things that we can do to celebrate Christmas. It’s been a good reminder to keep focused on what really matters.

But I’ve neglected to show you the one decorations that is by FAR my most favorite part of getting ready (other than the tree of course… nothing could top this expression!)

We have a bird feeder positioned in our backyard, just outside the kitchen window and visible from our dining room table. We spend many meal times watching the antics of the remarkable creatures who feast there… the BlueJays, Mourning Doves, and Hairy WoodPeckers are our constant companions through the long cold winter.

So to help them enter the holiday spirit too, we put a little bit of yuletide out on the Bird Feeder.

I love how this looks… simple greens accented with the final red RoseHips off the bushes Nature Boy gave me for my birthday.

We leave these up as long as we can… a little splash of beauty in a sea of white.

Just for the JOY of it

Good, True & Beautiful


  1. LindaB says

    Living in Florida we don’t get to see the beautiful snowy Christmas that at lot of people do. Your birdfeeder photo needs to be on a Christmas card!I love your nature inspired way of adding joy to your life. Beautiful…

  2. says

    That is just the most charming birdhouse!!!

    Don’t you just love how DUMB mourning doves are?

    PS. I have 2 referrals I’m sending your way. I have no doubt there will be more once I write that post.

  3. says

    Hi Sharon-

    I love what you did with the bird house – elegantly simple. Your post brings back a childhood memory of feeding ducks in the winter when a nearby pond was frozen. My mom would save the crusts of bread that she cut off our sandwiches and send us out all bundled up to feed the ducks. A happy memory.
    My best- Diane

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