How to Make a Cross out of Palm Branch (with pictures!)

This was originally published in 2010 and continues to be one of the most popular posts on the site.  I hope you have a blessed Easter Season with those you love.  He is Risen!

How to make a Cross out of the Palms you get at church this weekend:

First, take the palm branch, locate a spot right near the middle, and fold it on the diagonal (for the purpose of this tutorial I have marked the branch with a black line to help with the orientation. You don’t need to do that). The you wrap the piece that is out to the right, all the way around, encircling the fold. Then fold the bottom part straight up. Now is the tricky part… you want to slide the tail in through the back of the knot… Then pull it all the way down until it “locks” together. It should look like a 90 degree angle with a square knot in the middle. Then simply fold the long parts into the center knot to create the arms of the cross. First the one end… … and then the other. And now, do the same thing for the top, pulling it down through the knot. You can leave it with rounded edges for a three dimensional cross… Or flatten the arms to make it more traditional. This was a bit hit with our Little Man… At first, I thought he was acting reverential after seeing our minister carry the cross around in church. Then I realized that he just wanted to chase the dog with it. Thank heaven for little boys!


  1. says

    ROFL! Just wanting to chase the dog with it! LOL! Yes, Thank Heaven for little boys indeed!

    That’s a neat project. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get my hand on any palm branches…
    .-= Melissas last blog ..Kid Stuff =-.

    • says

      We got ‘em in church for Palm Sunday last weekend… And unless you live in Hawaii (and if you do I’m jealous) a local florist might have them because of Easter.

  2. Debbie says

    I’ve always seen these growing up but never tried making them, now that I have grandchildren I finally saw how to— thanks to the internet and people like you. Thanks again Debbie

  3. Rachel says

    Hello! Happy Palm Sunday! I would just like to leave a little message of thanks, because if it weren’t for you, I would have such beautiful palm crosses with which to adorn my house. Your tutorial was such a great help.

    • says

      My Pleasure Rachel! I went back to look at the pictures myself (hard to remember it when you only do it once a year :-). Blessings for you and your family today.

  4. Annemarie says

    Hey thanks so much for the excellent instructions. This was my first Palm Sunday at church and I saw some really fancy designing going on. Unfortunately all of my attempts ended, well, in pieces. Until now!
    Great pics too, and your little boy is really cute :)
    Thanks again

  5. Shiree Shaffer says

    I came across this post on Pinterest! I just wanted to say thank you. My Grandpa made these for me every year. He passed away in 2009, and my dad has attempted to fill in. I have most of the Palm Crosses he made me in a decorative box in my room. I will always cherish these and pass them on to my daughter!

  6. Eileen Kohler Barnett says

    Thank you very much for sharing these instructions! wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter. Here HE comes!

  7. Deb says

    Thank you for these instructions. I have just made a few with a friend in Australia to mark this Palm Sunday, 2014. These are the traditional things which add meaning to the day.

  8. Sue says

    Thank you so much for these easy to follow instructions. Lots of people were making crosses at mass today and I wanted one as well. Just made two :-)

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