My son is at the stage where opening containers brings him great joy.

He is especially fond of opening card board boxes (since thatís where graham crackers come from).

And heís grown quite adept at opening containers with plastic lids (since thatís where raisins live).

Unfortunately, his Houdini like talents have recently expanded into the opening of spice bottles. Based on his persistence, this is a skill in which he take great joy and likes to practice diligently.

From my perspective, his dedication to the arts of ‘spice bottle opening’ is a bit off putting.

You see, this is what happens when your son learns how to open a Costco sized bottle of CuminÖ

Fortunately, this spice emergency was easily fixed.  A few minutes of vacuuming, a quick bath, and a load of laundry latter most of the damage has been contained.  I say most of the damage, because there is one lingering issue I didnít think through.

IMPORTANT:  when you vacuum Cumin, the fine, dust-like particles donít sit politely in the vacuum bag.

In fact, they stick around your vacuum, long after the bag has been changed, the filter has been washed and the vacuum has been used repeatedly.  I know this is true because my vacuum emits a strong and distinct cumin odor every time I turn it on.

And the closet I store the vacuum in smells faintly like carnitas.  Unfortunately, this happens to be the same closet where I hang my clothes.

Can you say L’eau de Taco Bell?

Perhaps you will now understand how this conversation recently occurred in the home of the Nature Family:

Nature Boy:  Hi Babe, I’m home!

Me:  Hey!  How was work?

Nature Boy:  Okay….  Hmmm, smells good!  Did you make Mexican for dinner?

Me:  No, I was just vacuuming.

Of course, I know that when Our Little Man is asking for the car keys, I will look back fondly on this little phase, like a heart-tugging memory and a cute anecdote.

In the meantime, I’m planning to make tacos for dinner.  ‘Cause if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

UPDATE:  literally, as I am writing these words…

Corn Bread anyone?
(at least he looks guilty this time!)

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  1. LeeAnn says

    What a riot! Well, I'll bet a bag of corn meal is WAY cheaper than that gigunda container of cumin. You must REALLY like Mexican cuisine!

    Glad to see that allowing your young one to investigate the kitchen cupboards hasn't gone out of style. My sister and I used to have quite the two-woman marching band using a wooden spoon and pan lid plus the always-useful two pan lid cymbal section.