10 things I do to Save on Groceries

money saving tips

Over the last two years I have been able to reduce the amount I spend on groceries over 70%. I am now averaging $65 a week to pay for food, toiletries and paper products for my family (pets too!). A far cry from my free spending days of old.

On top of those savings, I am stretching my money so I’m able to get more for less. So far in 2009 I have saved over 44% on the items that I’ve bought. That means I have found a way to reduce my out of pocket expenses and a way to get more value for my money.

And believe it or not, we’re not eating oatmeal, pasta and beans exclusively. In fact, we regularly have meat or chicken for dinner, we have fresh produce every day, and with a few exceptions, we are enjoying many of the same products and brands that we’ve been used to.

“How did you do it?” Honestly, I have employed a variety of measures, some of which require more effort than others, and some of which are really quite simple. But none of them are trade secrets! That’s why I can share with you the Things I Do to Save on Groceries and hope that you’ll be able to accomplish the same exciting results. Just click on the links below and get ready to save!

Take Advantage of the Season

Don’t Trust your Memory, Write it Down

Apples to Apples

Shop to Win

The Butcher, The Baker…

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  1. Teresa says

    Great advice. A couple of years ago I spent around $200/week on groceries. I noticed prices, but I didn’t let prices stop me from buying something I wanted. Boy have times changed! I’m a coupon lover now and I do the CVS and Walgreen thing a couple of times a week. At first I felt like I would never be able to save like I needed to, but now it’s actually fun. Sort of like a big hunt. Teresa

  2. Sharon says

    Teresa, I couldn’t have said it better! I always love a challenge and finding ways to save money is definitely a big challenge. Like you said, the hunt is on!